Internet Videos

The move on the Internet towards video has reached critical mass, a tipping point where the momentum will swing and things will start to speed up dramatically.
That’s why it is important to start using video as part of your promotion strategy, right now.  It will give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Think about it: as they struggle to establish their businesses on the Internet, and in particular on the likes of Youtube and other video sites, you’ll have an established presence with top ranking videos!

…and as a bonus, you’ll also benefit from a massive and almost instantaneous rise in your Google rankings.  Getting a front page Google rank is as good as gold!

Youtube is one of the largest, most visited websites in the World.  If you have engaging videos promoting your business you will dominate both Youtube and Google and position your business to take advantage of the growth as the “video onslaught” powers across the Web…

Whiteboard Doodle Videos

Whiteboard Videos are sales videos using hand-drawn images with the purpose of communicating your sales message in a fun and creative way.

With Whiteboard Sales Videos you can clearly communicate your message and increase your conversions while being creative and eye-catching!

Instantly Catch and Hold your Audience’s attention with your own high conversion Whiteboard Sales Videos that people love…  only £47 for a limited time!


Short Intro Videos

These short videos are ideal  as an intro for your business.  They can be used on your website, in presentation, on Facebook , Youtube and other social media channels.

They are currently available at the special price of £25 per video.

What will we need?

In order to do the best possible job for you we will require some information for your videos.  Once you have ordered your video we will contact you for this information.


  • For the short Intro Videos we will require the text for the video, as per the character specifications under each video.

    These videos will normally be completed within 36 hours

  • For the Stop Motion, Hand Drawn Videos we will require a side of A4 (Word) outlining what text you would like on each page (eg. Page 1.  blah blah blah.  Page 2.  blah blah  etc).  Also we will need any specific pictures and logos that you want included.  We have a lot of general pics that we can use, but in the text put in brackets when you want a pic and what of.  We will send you an invitation to Dropbox so that you can just pop the pics and text in there ( and we can put your finished video in there.).  If you’ve never used Dropbox, just follow the instructions to sign up for an account.  It will then put a folder on your desktop.  Anything you put in the folder will appear on our desktop folder ( and vice versa)

    These videos will normally be completed within 3-4 days (first draft)

Try to keep your text to a minimum ( 1 or 2 lines per page). On average your video will be approx 12-14 pages.  we will do a draft of the video and send it to you so that you can highlight any changes.  We will then finalise it for you.

Also, think about the following questions (it will help us when crafting your message)

1.  What is the problem your customers have that they are solving by buying your products?
2. How do your products solve theor problems?
3. What are the benifits of your products?  How will it meet their needs?
4.  Why should they buy now?
5. Why should they buy from you?  What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?


This information will help us to provide the best possible video for your business!